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Lord Mawson OBE, President of Stanton Guildhouse, is one of the U.K.'s leading social entrepreneurs. Andrew founded the internationally renowned Bromley-by-Bow Centre nearly three decades ago. Successive governments have used this, along with many of the other pathfinder projects that Andrew has developed over the past 30 years, frequently as national exemplars for successful community regeneration. Andrew’s championing and development of an integrated working model – involving health, education, housing, business and enterprise – has received international recognition. Andrew and the Guildhouse Trustees believe in the unique gifts of every individual in the community and this is the secret to the Guildhouse's ongoing success. With support the private and public sectors to work together and, with our enterprise partners, we promote social entrepreneurship, assist with corporate team building and provide advice on business troubleshooting. Lord Mawson is also available to speak at, and host, events. Contact the Guildhouse for more information


The Bromley by Bow Centre is a pioneering charity that combines an extensive neighbourhood hub with a medical practice and a community research project.

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We are a small creative team of designers, makers and managers creating free-standing and fitted furniture from individual pieces to roomsets or an entire house full.  We were founded and are still run by Matthew and Celia Burt, Matthew as creative director and Celia as administrative director.  We have evolved from a two-man band operating out of a self-built garden shed into an expanding team based at a converted farmyard on the outskirts of the village of Hindon in south west Wiltshire. 

MATTHEW BURT where the designer, the maker, the engineer and the artist unite to give you 21st century English furniture.

We take enormous pride from having our furniture in numerous homes, in major museums, in public spaces, in business HQs, in churches, gardens and amongst the unexpected throughout the UK and beyond.


We design and make 21st century English furniture, speculatively, to commission in response to design briefs given by you and from our collections.  This involves us in a number of processes, some of which seem glamorous, others not, but in our experience all need to be treated with the same degree of attention to detail. The categories are loosely designing, making, servicing, managing, marketing and selling. 

Our design and make service for free standing and fitted furniture (and the occasional shed, bridge, fence or as yet unspecified request) where you set the brief and we apply our skills to interpret.  We relish working with you and we set out to make it exciting, individual and enjoyably rewarding for both you and us. Your needs and how we resolve them within the budget set, is the engine of our creativity.  This lovely process is inadequately referred to as commissioning.

Our bespoke design and make service and our collections at work in roomsets, museums, galleries, restaurants, cafes, pubs, business HQs, churches, gardens or wherever we inspire you to take us.


We aim to undertake each larger project, of whatever scale, with the same thoughtful attitude, the same awareness of long-term design and construction, the same appropriateness to its intended space and the same attentive management and service approach that we deliver with our individual bespoke pieces of fine furniture.


We also enjoy working collaboratively with our clients in partnership with their architects, interior designers and project managers.
We liaise with many other professionals working in metal, glass, stone, lettering, leather or light in our determination to deliver.

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