Quiet Day 

Friday January 10th

Rural Read 

This is open to all members of the community from 15 to 95! Meeting monthly on Thursday 10:30am - 12:00. Group is self-led. Each meeting can be viewed as a social event with tea and coffee. Drinks provided by us. £15 per person

Thursday March 5th

Quiet Day 

Friday March 6th

Music with Robin A Smith

Wellness Retreat 

with Roisin Wood & Adrienne Halliday

Yin Yoga classes, Therapeutic Treatments,

Art workshops, Hiking in the beautiful Cotswolds,

Homeopathy Workshop, Naturopathy and Nutrition Workshop, Nutritious Food.

Our aim is to send you home relaxed, de-stressed, focused, inspired and with a great sense of well-being. An experience to remember.

June 12th - 15th  2020

Saturday 6th June

Music with Robin A Smith

Thursday July 30th

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