Quiet Day 

Friday March 6th

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Music with Robin A Smith

Saturday 6th June

Music with Robin A Smith

Thursday July 30th

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In this musical show curated for the festival, composer, pianist and arranger Robin Smith explores Lear’s life through his poems with newly commissioned music inspired by his fascination with his story, alongside a display of reimagined illustrations by artist Sallie Taylor and narration by Oliver Taylor.

Edward Lear was a man delighted by words and crazy images who lived in a fantasy world and thrived on creating the absurd.
Alongside his familiar poetry he was also a musician and a professional illustrator of detailed ornithological drawings.

This event will take place at The Guildhouse in the beautiful village of Stanton on the outskirts of Broadway.

Tickets £15

Tickets go on sale to the general public through the Broadway Arts Festival website at 10am on Good Friday (April 10th 2020)